Yotsuba (四葉)

hair color

light brown

eye color





Stargazers Hill West Univ.

first appearance

I Love Big Brother So Much

last appearance

Pure Christmas


Promised Island

Voiced by

Tomoe Hanba (Japanese), Luci Christian (English)


June 21

Hailing from England (as evidenced by her occasional penchant for anything with a Union Flag), Yotsuba fancies herself a detective à la Sherlock Holmes. She can often be found with either a digital camera or a magnifying glass in hand, trying to spy on her brother. In the magazine stories and mini-novels, Yotsuba owns an unnamed talking toucan (not surprisingly, it can only say "checki" and "Ani-chama"). She refers to herself in the third-person and is fond of using the catchphrase, "Checky!" (チェキ! Cheki?). In the first Sister Princess anime, Yotsuba does not have a pet, but owns a toy bird aptly named "Watson", who she keeps in a cage like a real bird.She addresses her brother as Ani-chama (兄チャマ?), which is a childish address similar to Kaho's, but laced with a British accent. In English, she calls him "Brother Dearest". She celebrates her birthday on June 21, is a Gemini, and is 149 cm (about 4' 11") tall.


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